Temporary Evacuation Project for Infants and Mothers in Niigata Prefecture

Posted on: http://www.huma.or.jp/activity/tohoku2011babyproject.html

Translated from: http://baby.wiez.net/

To save young lives from the harsh and stressful environment of the disaster areas, babies, small children, their mothers, and their family have been accepted by private accommodation facilities in Yuzawa Town in Niigata prefecture. Here, the children and their families can receive adequate rest and nutrition, as well as ongoing medical support.

This project is mainly run by 4 NPOs: the National Committee for Shopping Streets Town Planning Institute, the Japan First Aid Society (JFAS), the ATOM Currency Executive Committee Sendai Branch, and Humanitarian Medical Assistance (HuMA), with the cooperation of local government and surrounding area NPOs.

The conditions at shelters in the disaster areas have become increasingly severe each day. Especially for infants, hot water, baby formula, and diapers have been insufficient, making it difficult to maintain body temperature and adequate hydration. Because of this situation, malnutrition, dehydration, and infections are starting to increase. Mothers are also suffering from extreme stress and fatigue. The crises facing infants and mothers are extremely time-sensitive.

This project offers:

    • Free accommodation, meals, medical care (and in some areas free moving support) for babies, small children, their mothers, and their family
    • Complete acceptance and support by Yuzawa and the local government.
    • Private hotel rooms (Hotel Angel Grandia Echigo-Nakazato Hot Spring)
    • Medical support by pediatricians, nurses, and child care experts
    • Program extended until July 25, 2011 (including short stay)

HuMA is one of the NPOs supported by the U.S.-Japan Council Earthquake Relief Fund through the Japan Platform.

Special thanks to U.S.-Japan Council volunteer Masami Hokama for translating this piece.

Children, infants and mothers are able to live in a stress-free environment.

A lunch party and birthday party prepared by the hotel. The children are excited to have a birthday cake and presents.


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